Angell Elementary School
Berkley School District
Berkley, MI

In 2004, the Berkley School District (BSD) retained TEC to provide them with a District-wide Roof Management Program (RMP).  The program is comprised of:

  • A complete survey of roof systems;
  • A comprehensive report for each school detailing recommendations for preservation and repairs;
  • Assistance with bids for roofing contracts; and
  • Quality control and inspection services during renovation/replacement projects.

As part of the RMP, upgrades to the Angell Elementary School roof are scheduled for 2006.  TEC is designing the roof system, detailing its integration with surrounding roofs and preparing construction documents for this work. 

Angell Elementary School a thriving center of learning built in 1921 as Berkley’s first elementary school has historical significance to the community.  The roof on this school provided a challenge in that there is an 85-year-old slate shingle roof on a portion of the school.  The district sought cost effective solutions to keeping the historical look of the slate roof. 

To provide the best roof value, TEC selected an imitation slate shingle for the replacement project.  The imitation slate shingle is manufactured using mostly recycled materials and it has approximately the same lifespan as real slate.  Due to the ease of application and lower material cost, the imitation slate roof will save the District over half the cost of real slate.  TEC will remain on the project to provide inspection during the spring renovations.


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