Oakland University
School of Education and Human Services and Parking Structure
Auburn Hills, MI

TEC was retained to provide geotechnical engineering services, foundations, earthwork, concrete, masonry, structural steel (shop and field), fireproofing, aggregate base, asphalt laydown, built-up asphalt roofing and project management.

TEC provided the geotechnical investigation and foundation recommendation for the proposed four-story building. Work included soil borings and all corresponding laboratory testing that supported the investigation and recommendations. During design, TEC coordinated with the structural engineer to develop the design of a two-story retaining wall.

The building consisted of a four-story steel structure with two levels above grade, the third at the existing grade of the parking lot and the forth below grade for mechanical purposes.

A three-story parking structure was also constructed on this site.  Soil borings and engineering recommendations were provided by TEC.

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