Detroit Housing Commission
Former Jeffries Housing Pre-demolition Survey
Detroit, MI

This pre-demolition project included a comprehensive asbestos survey, abatement specification preparation, and project oversight during abatement activities of four vacated high-rise structures in a federally funded public housing project located in the City of Detroit . The survey included sampling, analysis and quantification of suspect building materials for asbestos throughout each structure and abatement recommendations. The survey also included an assessment of the degree of asbestos contamination found in demolition debris in each unit of each structure.

Upon completion of the initial survey, TEC prepared project documents addressing the abatement of ACM surfacing material, floor tile and fire doors along with abatement cost estimates for these activities.

On-site project supervision and air monitoring during pre-demolition abatement activities included verifying contractor engineering controls (as specified), contractor personnel qualifications, and abatement work practices. TEC conducted work area and personnel air sampling to verify the effectiveness of controls that were utilized.

Upon completion of all site work, TEC prepared a final closure document, including air monitoring data, daily project summaries, regulatory agency notifications and waste disposal manifests.


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