Detroit Entertainment & Events Center (Red Wings Arena)

Construction for the long-rumored and dreamed-about Red Wings arena in Detroit is finally underway. The Ilitch family has maintained that 45-block district development will be a neighborhood with residential, retail and offices in addition to the big red bowl. The new complex is estimated to cost $650 million and will be financed by the taxpayers as well as the Ilitch family. The deal from the City requires Ilitch Holdings & Olympia Development to renovate the historic Eddystone Hotel, but allows the demolition of the neighboring Park Avenue Hotel. The upside of this expense according to Ilitch is the construction alone will generate at least $1.8 billion in total economic impact, 8,300 construction-related jobs, and 1,100 permanent jobs. The new 20,000 spectator stadium and surrounding neighborhood are slated to be completed by the start of the 2017 Red Wing season.

TEC was retained by Hardman Construction to provide geotechnical instrumentation including slope indicators, tell tales on utilities, ground and structure monitoring points, and vibration monitoring. The instrumentation is designed to identify and monitor soil and structural movements during the 40-foot deep excavation and construction.