Our highly skilled industrial hygiene professionals service the indoor air quality needs of contractors, facility managers, building owners, attorneys, and insurance companies. In addition to addressing complex indoor air quality concerns, they are frequently called upon to present at technical seminars and to provide expert testimony.

Asbestos Management Services

  • AHERA, NESHAP and OSHA compliant building surveys
  • Abatement specifications, contractor oversight/verification
  • Special assessment projects

Mold Assessment and Water Damage Services

  • Evaluate extent of damage/contamination
  • Remediation specifications/contractor oversight/verification
  • Infrared inspection services¬†

Lead Paint Inspection Services

  • Non-destructive x-ray fluorescence (XRF) testing
  • HUD and OSHA-compliant building surveys
  • Special assessment projects
  • New EPA Lead-Based Paint Testing Requirements

Indoor Air Quality Consulting Services

  • Evaluate occupant complaints
  • Field investigations
  • Risk management

Occupational Exposure Monitoring

  • OSHA compliance monitoring for chemical and physical hazards