Former Conrail Property (Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority)

Detroit, MI

The former Conrail Site was contiguous and abutted the infamous Uniroyal superfund site on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit. TEC was retained to provide environmental consulting services including a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), Phase II ESA, Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA), Due Care Plan, and client consultation. TEC’s scope of work was done concurrently with the Uniroyal site cleanup activities, and extensive coordination with numerous consultants and contractors was required to access the site, obtain relevant environmental and site safety information, and document the work for TEC’s Client, the DBRA. TEC’s investigations included the performance of environmental drilling on a number of distinct contiguous and non-contiguous parcels comprising the Site. Prior to the initiation of services, TEC coordinated with the current owner of the Site for scope approval, Site access, and utility identification.

TEC developed the scopes of work for the Phase II ESAs during the performance of Phase I ESAs. The Site contained areas with steep slopes and other difficulties for drilling access. TEC presented a detailed plan to Client for the Phase II ESA that maximized the relevancy of collected data to evaluating identified environmental concerns. Boring locations were selected to optimize the value of corresponding data. TEC’s investigation approach included the use of quality assurance and quality control samples to demonstrate the validity of analytical data.