Grosse Pointe Public Schools

District-wide Industrial Hygiene Services
Grosse Pointe, Michigan

TEC has performed industrial hygiene services for Grosse Pointe Public Schools since 1991. Services provided under our General Services Agreement (GSA) include pre-renovation ACM surveys, lead paint surveys, IAQ investigations and Mold inspections.

Upon completion of the asbestos surveys, TEC is requested to prepare project documents addressing the abatement of ACM identified for each project involving the removal of friable ACM, as well as assists the construction manager, Clark Construction, in preparation of project scope, budgets, and timelines.

TEC also provides on-site project supervision and air monitoring during pre-renovation abatement activities. On-site project supervision included verifying contractor engineering controls (as specified), contractor personnel qualifications, and abatement work practices. TEC conducts area and perimeter air sampling to verify the effectiveness of controls that were utilized.

For projects involving the disturbance of building materials containing lead paint, TEC conducts worker exposure monitoring to lead-containing dust during building renovation work. Upon completion of all site work, TEC prepares a final closure document, including air monitoring data, daily project summaries, regulatory agency notifications and waste disposal manifests for the school district.