Historic Michigan Central Train Station

TEC was retained to provide a geotechnical investigation, structural evaluation and consulting, and comprehensive construction materials testing services for the historic Michigan Central Train Station renovation in Corktown, Michigan.  The 1.2 million plus square foot campus was purchased by Ford Motor Company in 2018 to be utilized for autonomous automobile development.

Subsurface conditions evaluated by TEC to provide the general recommendations for site preparations; establish requirements for foundation, floor slab, retaining wall and pavement design; storm water management and identify potential construction issues.

The proposed restoration of the interior and exterior of the building will include brick, limestone, granite, cast iron, window replacement, roofing, structural evaluation and repairs and mechanical and electrical systems for the 640,000 sf Station. 

Future plans include transforming the depot, an adjacent book depository, brass factory and hosiery factory into a 1.2 million-square-foot transportation innovation district.