Hudson Mills to Dexter Hike/Bike Trail

Dexter and Webster Townships
Washtenaw County, Michigan

TEC was retained by Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority to provide geotechnical engineering and foundation design for new Phase II pedestrian and bike path adjacent to the Huron River at the Hudson Mills Metro Park.

The proposed project consisted of approximately three miles of trail, two pedestrian bridges and two boardwalks spanning wetland areas. The bridges were to span 40 feet with an estimated 85-psf live load and 50-psf dead load. The bridges would be about 14 feet wide with boardwalks to span wetlands at select locations. Access to the wet, wooded area was very difficult requiring use of a drill rig mounted on an all-terrain vehicle.

Extensive recommendations were provided by TEC to accommodate the high ground water conditions and significant grade changes. Recommendations for the bridge foundations included shallow foundations where shallow suitable soils were found and deep foundations such as driven timber piles and screw-in helical piers. TEC also provided recommendations for shallow foundations and driven timber piles for the boardwalks.

Recommendations were also provided for subgrade preparation and asphalt pavement for the pedestrian/bike path. Provisions for a construction traffic haul road that could then be incorporated into the permanent pathway construction were also recommended.