M-24 Profile Drilling

As directed by Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc., TEC was retained to conduct soil profile drilling at over 100 locations on M-24 (Lapeer Road) between Newark and Pratt Roads. The profile drilling was conducted to determine the depth of backfill and the soil classification of the underlying soils. The primary function was to identify remaining peat beneath the fill. Various sections of the roadway were undercut and backfilled with MDOT Class III sands. TEC drilled through the MDOT Class III sand backfill and into the underlying soil. Hand written field logs were provided to the client for each boring. The depth of the borings ranged from 9 to 50 feet. The soil and ground water conditions encountered in the borings were presented on individual boring logs. This project was intermittent over a period of four months. TEC worked closely with the MDOT representative responding often with only a 24-hour notice.